Burzynski The Movie – Cancer Is Serious Business

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UPDATE: Join the the Call to Action on April 11, 2012. For ease… here’s the email form and below is the letter to copy / paste.

Month, Day, 2012
Rick Perry Office of the Governor
1100 San Jacinto
Austin, TX 78701

Re: Texas Medical Board vs. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, April 11, 2012: The American Public Needs Your Immediate Action (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCrsn8ziGWU)

Dear Governor Rick Perry,

I am writing you today about an issue that knows no political party, race, creed or income bracket. That issue is the disease of cancer—and a Houston, Texas physician who has been successfully treating it with an innovative personalized gene-targeted regimen—a method of cancer treatment not currently practiced anywhere in the world except for his Houston clinic.

This physician’s name is Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. From 1986 to 1996 the Texas Medical Board launched an unsuccessful ten-year campaign to halt Dr. Burzynski’s practice related to his scientific discovery of Antineoplastons and their relationship to cancer treatment. This trial had nothing to do with the safety or efficacy of his discovery—the FDA has long confirmed the medicine’s safety and efficacy. In 1996, The Texas Medical Board is quoted in its court documents as stating “The efficacy of Antineoplastons in the treatment of human cancers is not of issue in these proceedings.”

Today, the Texas Medical Board is making another attempt at shutting this practice down, a practice that has cured countless terminal cancer patients—and given those who could not be saved, a longer healthier quality of life to enjoy with their families.

This is unacceptable, and the citizens of both Texas and the world need to be able to have the choice of this new approach to personalized gene-targeted cancer treatment Dr. Burzynski has devised—if they chose to. As you know very well, our country is ripe with corporate interests acting in financial self-preservation by utilizing government offices to wipe out their competition. This might be acceptable to some when it comes to some technologies, but it is unacceptable when it comes to the technologies related to the physical health of our people. If the Texas Medical Board has its way, it will set the “War On Cancer” back another 10+ years in important research and progress.

You personally appointed the heads of the Texas Medical Board, and We The People hereby request that you investigate this irresponsibly constructed upcoming trial involving Dr. Burzynski in 2012, and request you to urge the Texas Medical Board to end their witch hunt now. Once your office reviews this case for yourselves, we have confidence that you will find that the Texas Medical Board does not have a legitimate case, and is abusing its power. Between Dr. Burzynski’s original Antineoplaston discovery, which by the way are the first medicines in history to ever cure certain types of pediatric brain tumors, and Dr. Burzynski’s ingenious personalized gene-targeted regimen, he threatens the financial welfare of the cancer industry as a whole. Frankly, sir, all the profits in the world are not worth more than anyone’s life.

If this is what freedom and capitalism looks like, it should be upheld if it is something that you hold dear to your heart as a representative of the American people. If an innovative physician is not allowed to work within the law and become an innovator in cancer treatment without being wiped out by his competition, then we do not live in a country of free market, but rather—a dictatorial power dangerously out of control, one that is dictated by money wiping out its more successful competition—in the name of putting to death countless cancer patients who could benefit from this new cancer treatment technology. Prove us wrong Governor Perry, prove to the American people that our society is genuinely one that operates within a free market, and not one of monetary dictatorship.

Prove us all wrong by reviewing this case and stopping this trial from happening. We, the American voting public, will be watching very closely.

Most sincerely,

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