The Great Pink Cover-up

October is breast cancer awareness month and there’s going to be a lot of pink ribbons and “pink products” being pushed by corporations who ‘claim’ that it goes to support cancer research. Here’s the truth behind “the great pink cover-up””

Four Fake Cancer Charities

“Mainstream cancer charities rarely fund the strategies that empower the immune system in the first place! Cancer awareness is about diagnosis, not prevention, and the mainstream treatments suppress the immune system, instead of empowering it.” The next time you wear a pink ribbon or join a walk for cancer, think about what this consumption mentality […]


Who isn’t aware of breast cancer? We don’t need more empty awareness. We need action. The floodgates open on Pinktober. Get ready for a month of s l i c k corporate profiteering, m e a n i n g l e s s pink ribbon products and “a w a r e n e […]

Cancer is not…

pretty or pink. It’s time to move beyond pink ribbons and messages of “breast cancer awareness”, and start agitating for real and meaningful action in the fight to eradicate this disease for good. – The Cancer Culture Chronicles Today’s a great day to donate to Breast Cancer Action, the only national breast cancer organization that […]

Breast Cancer Action

BCA fights for a lot of what Val believed – including complacency of scientists (and doctors), true prevention, environmental causes, politics, and universal access to high quality, effective treatment. And BCA is the only national breast cancer organization that does not accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry or from any corporations profiting from or contributing […]