10 Differences between kids who grew up in the 70’s vs. today

1. Our entertainment was each other
2. Playing outside was normal, not prohibited
3. Children were not labeled as ADHD, ADD… just kids being kids
4. Total accessibility to children was not a need & neither was the incessant nature of constantly hovering over their safety
5. It was ok to get hurt & we didn’t call every person that hurt us a bully
6. Sun was our friend & we weren’t terrified of being exposed without lathering sunblock
7. There were no constant promotions for drugs & vaccines for every human symptom that existed
8. We played in dirt & wiped our hands & faces with soap & water, not antibacterial nonsense
9. Chemical toxicity in consumer products was still low compared to today
10. There was no gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, dairy-free, GMO-free…